Saturday, 11 December 2010


Statement for the performers of 4’33’’, 6/12/10.
By Dave Hilliard, creator of Cage Against The Machine,
The online campaign to get 4’33’’ to Christmas number 1 2010.

This statement was read to the performers at Dean Street Studio by Julie Hilliard (aka Mrs Cageboss) directly before the performance of 4'33", which will be released on Monday 12th December 2010.

"Hello everybody and thanks for coming today. We really appreciate you taking time out of your schedules to be here, perform the work of John Cage, and raise money for some deserving causes.

Unfortunately I could not be here today as I am studying for a Masters in Art Therapy, and my studies must take priority right now.

Our campaign started as something of a joke, and that’s how a lot of people see 4’33’’, but the truth is that John Cage thought very long and hard before composing it, and had some genuine ideas behind the piece. Anybody who tells you that it’s “the emperor’s new clothes” doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Your experience today is about being in the here and now, and as musicians and creative people you will all understand that music is made up of more than just formal notes and arrangements. Here today, we are doing something special, we are stopping and appreciating the space between things, the unintentional sounds that make up our world.

I now invite you to honour John Cages legacy for our culture, bring your individual meanings to 4’33’’, and enjoy the next 4 minutes and 33 seconds together."

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